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Visit goes way beyond the ticket....

What is Visit?

Visit connects your guests to everything they need for the perfect, friction-free visit to your venue.

Tickets, Bar Orders, Table Reservations, Merchandise Sales

Digital tickets

Digital Tickets

Guests are sent a digital ticket with a scannable QR code. Integrated directly with your ticket system, and optimised for display on the customer's smart phone, it's easy to scan at the theatre making for a friction-free visit.


Display the menu direct from your restaurant POS system. Take theatre orders ahead of or during the show. Offer guests the option of in-seat delivery or pick-up, either during the show or at the interval. Guests who are dining with a table booking can order ahead or from their table. Fully integrated with your restaurant POS system and table reservation system for arrival and seated status.

Table reservations

Table Reservations

With a simple click guests can add a table reservation to their visit. Full two-way integration with industry leading restaurant reservations systems. Table times offered fit around the performance and are fully configurable, along with the option to enable customers to change their table time.

Plus even more

The value of Visit for venues is greater than the sum of its parts

  • Targeted messaging

    Deliver appropriate messaging to your guests ahead of or on the day of the show to direct them to ordering and booking facilities.

  • Multiple sales outlets

    Visit can connect to multiple systems for a single venue. It can take pre-orders directly into your POS, and merchandise sales into your retail system.

  • Analytics

    Visit can feed customer activity into your reservation system or chosen analytics package, ensuring you have the complete picture for marketing campaign management.

  • Upsell every guest

    The lead booker can send each party their own ticket, creating up-sell opportunities for each and every guest. Tickets are shared securely.

  • Streamline Operations

    Visit is designed to fit in with your operations. Fully configurable for multiple outlets, pick-up points, and multiple menus.

  • Easy set-up

    Nothing to install, it's all in the cloud.

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